Winning Walkies - We have moved to Turners hill, but are still working in Horley
Dog services :

  • £20.00 per dog per night
 (£15. for second dog living the same home)  
Dogs Home from Home
Three bed home with plenty of walks around in the lovely Turners Hill.
Your Dog(s) could have a lovely holiday with us while, you jet off or go to that business trip or wedding etc. 

  • £10.00 Walks per dog
  (£7. for second  dog in the same house)  
       Includes pick up and drop off.   
Dog Walking
Dogs love to be walked, it keeps them healthy in lots of ways and it’s also their way of socialising.
Walks are minimum 1 hour.
The dogs are walked in a group. I like to vary our walks most days going to a variety of places, which keeps the dogs stimulated with lots of different smells. Dogs will often come home muddy, but always happy. We particularly enjoy, Outwood, Horne court, Poveycross and fields around Smallfield, Edolf Copse, Copthorne woods. see the pictures in our gallery, which will be added to on a regular basis.
(Pictures of your dog will not be added until we have your permission.)

Athough we are a dog walking company doesn't mean we don't love all animals and are happy look after your other pets whilst you are away. 
Cat services :
  • £7 per visit Feeding and Litter tray emptying
Cat Feeding
.Cats don't necessarily need someone with them all day but they do need to be fed at regular times and cuddles are often welcomed too
Whist visiting your pet we can a
 Turn on/alternating lights
 Opening/closing curtains or blinds
 Carrying bins in/out on bin day
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